Guidebook to Proper Healthy Suntan

That gorgeous bronze suntan does not come easy to all of us. While the lucky ones can get that perfect color in just a day or two, others have to deal with struggles of getting all red, skin pealing or just laying on the sun without any change of colour whatsoever.


In order to avoid disappointment and all the harm that excess sun can cause you, today we will talk about all the tips and tricks that are essential for getting a proper healthy suntan.

Always Choose Natural

At all costs, try to avoid sunbed. There is no such thing as a healthy sunbed. Of course, getting a perfect tan in short time can be tempting, but keep your priorities straight.


Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is an inseparable part of a healthy tan. It will make sure that your skin gets all the colour and vitamin D while protecting you against harmful UVB rays.


Sun-Friendly Diet

The skin has its own SPF called Lycopene. Boosting its level in your body can increase your skin’s sun protection by more than 30%. Lycopene is found in red and orange fruits and vegetables like tomatoes or carrots.

Eating dark chocolate can also decrease your chances of getting sunburn.

Take Breaks

Seeking some shade from time to time will let your skin cool down and your tan will be much healthier and longer-lasting.