5 Trendy Manicure Ideas For This Season

You might have already realized that nails are our natural accessories. So why not take care of something we have from birth? 

If you want to look trendy for this summer, I advise you to follow this article from Merani Shopping Gallery and learn more about today's manicure trends. 

Juicy Fruit 

What best describes summer than colorful fruits? Watermelons, limes, pineapples, bananas, cherries, take whatever you like and put it on your little canvases that are your nails.
You can take a stroll in Merani Shopping Gallery's MAC to see the options for tones that could help you create the masterpieces below.


Delicious Ice-cream nails

It's summer, guys! And we all scream for Ice-cream! I know, I know, Ice-cream has lots of calories, but there's no problem if you wear them on your nails. They're summer-looking, sweet and so cute.


Stickers on Nails 

Whenever I do my nails, my beautician offers me additional stickers for the design. I tried them once, and I don't do manicure without them since. 

You need to try how to nail stickers work for you. And to match the summer vibe, try some peach, watermelon or flamingo stickers.


French Manicure

Not a fan of EXTRA looks? It's okay. You can always try a regular french manicure with a twist. Instead of making the lines white, why not try baby blue, purple, lime green or another color?


Line Manicure

This trend is everywhere, and you should try it too. The lines and cuts between colors make your nails appear abstract, exciting and appealing.


Do it yourself, visit a professional, no matter how you decide to do so, I guarantee you won't be able to take away the eyes off of your nails.