4 Men’s Swimwear Trends for Summer 2019

Are you here to look for new swimsuits for you to rock this summer? Or are you looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend, husband, or a friend? 

Lucky for you, Merani Shopping Gallery has a piece of advice or two to give, so keep reading and find your swimwear trend for this summer. 

For action men 

Do you like the military look? It's one of the most popular trends of 2019, and it has been like that since forever. The military style includes full-khaki shots, patterned shorts, or lined shorts that come in khaki green and dark gray colors. 
Take a stroll in Merani Shopping Gallery's Koton to see the options for swimming shorts for men.


White stripes are always trendy

Easy, comfortable, easy on the eyes, always trendy, etc. What more could you wish for? White stripes on different color shorts are this season's highest trend.

You can throw in a shirt with several buttons open to make the look even more attractive.


The floral print is for this summer 

We see floral prints every day - on T-shirts, accessories, backpacks. Why not have this beautiful print on your swimming shorts? Flowers, green leaves and tropical prints all fall into this category. And such shorts are incredibly easy to find!


Simple colors 

Not a guy for prints and extra colors on your shorts? It's okay. You can go for simple one-color shorts that work best for you. 

If you don't know which color suits you the best, determine if your skin tone is cool or warm. If you have blue veins, your tone is warm, and blue veins say that your skin tone is cool. Choose cool or warm colors for your shorts, and you'll look your best.


Take your friend, your wife or your girlfriend to Merani Shopping Gallery and see what you can find for your next relaxing trip to the beach.