5 One-piece Swimsuits for Summer 2019

Beach season is finally here. With hot summer days and sun shining bright everyday it is hard not to think about the upcoming vacations. So, if you haven’t done your beach shopping yet, then here are 5 swimsuit trends that you should know before you hit the shops.


In order to stand out you don’t have to wear a super revealing thong bikini. This neon one-piece Topshop swimsuit is a perfect way to grab all the attention on any pool, no matter how crowded.

one_piece_swimsuit_neon .jpg

Go Retro

If you find something that screams retro, grab it. Belted swimsuits, retro colours, stripes, it’s all so hot this season. This one-piece belter swimsuit from Solid & Striped is classy, yet fun.


Surfer Chic

We have all wished at some point in our lives to be able to catch those huge waves like all those sexy, chill looking surfers. However, that’s not an easy task to do. What you can do is wear a long-sleeved floral one-piece swimsuit to feel like one.


If you’re looking for something more feminine then the one-shoulder swimsuit trend is for you.


Go Green

In 2019, it is no longer just about the looks. The more environmentally-friendly you go with your shopping choices, the better it will make you feel. This stunning one-piece swimsuit from Aggie Swimwear is made in Bali from recycled fishing nets.

One-piece swimsuits are not just a hot trend for the beach or pool time this summer, they are also perfect alternative to crop tops and t-shirts. Just put on your favourite shorts or a skirt for a super funky look.