What Your Pants Style Says About You?

Do you have your favorite pants that you never leave behind? Me too! Why do we cling so much to our clothes? 

Well, science says that your clothes have something to say about you and your personality. And we at Merani Shopping Gallery found out how your pants style describes your nature.  

Skinny Jeans

You might think that your favorite pair of skinny jeans just look good on you (and they do), but they also describe you as a detail-oriented and busy person. 

You're all about getting the job done, even if it takes you forever.

High-rise jeans/pants

You know you are a problem-solver. Your high-rise pants describe your practical choice of avoiding muffin top, and your readiness to look classy and severe.

Acid wash jeans and colorful pants

Some might say you're living in the past, but I say you're confident. You love your style, and you're confident enough to rock your style. 


You prefer shorts and cutoffs 

You are confident. You have a free spirit, and you know that the skin color looks great on everything.

Embellished Jeans

Being a little EXTRA is your thing. You own the room, and you're the centre of the attention. You don't want to blend into the background, and that works great for you. 

Leather pants 

Four words - you are the boss! It takes confidence to rock leather pants, and you've got it in you. You might be a bit intimidating for strangers, but your friends know that you have strength and courage in you.



You are hip, trendy and colorful. You have a free spirit, and you might like eating salads. 

Black jeans/pants

You are efficient and practical. Black jeans go with everything. They are slimming, comfortable and bold.

Printed pants

What can scare you? You are already courageous enough to rock printed pants. It's something that everyone wants to do (including me) but can't get brave enough. But you're doing it!


Take a little shopping spree in Merani Shopping Gallery and look at the clothes differently. Do you see the resemblance in your personalities? Then you've found your match!