Colors That Will Make You Feel Wonderful

Did you know that colors have an essential impact on our mood, emotions and behavior? 

If you look close enough, you'll notice that the colors are warm, cool and neutral. And since they impact the mood, you can manipulate this information and buy clothing that will make you feel enjoyable. 

Put on warm colors to feel happy and optimistic

Have you ever noticed how attractive red, yellow and orange colors are? 

  • Red is associated with passion and love.

  • Orange characterises energy but can also be engaging and friendly.

  • Yellow is associated with laughter and hope. 

If you're not ready to implement red and yellow in your wardrobe, start small. Start with colorful accessories and footwear. Introduce warm colors in your life slowly. Start from Merani Shopping Gallery’s Massimo Dutti.


Cool colors will help you relax

Green, blue and purple are cool colors, and you can manipulate them to create a beautiful, relaxing outfit. 

  • Green is often associated with health and new life. 

  • Blue evokes the feeling of spirituality and freedom. 

  • Purple represents wealth, creativity and authority. 

Mostly we use cool colors for our daily outfits. You can find more at Zara in Merani Shopping Gallery, and freshen up your wardrobe.


Neutral colors come in handy every time

The list includes black, grey, white, tan and brown. These colors come in handy to create a basic look and add some other colors (like warm and cool colors) to complete the outfit. 

Because these colors are neutral, don't think that they won't make you feel fantastic. You need to combine them with warm colors and create a complete outfit.


Merani Shopping Gallery can offer you colorful choices for your next shopping spree. Be sure to come down and shop for European and Georgian styles, and feel wonderful.